Provide free Wi-Fi, increase your social media following and market directly to an audience of both new and existing customers.

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Why Choose Hive WiFi?

Quick & Secure Login Process

Users ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ your social media pages in order to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi you offer.

Additional sign up methods include SMS, timed codes and an email address login. Connection takes a few seconds and, with just a few clicks, customers are signed up and directed to a web page of your choice. Previous authentications are remembered for future visits.

Powerful Analytics

Our real time cloud portal allows you to analyse statistics and gather valuable insights into customer behaviour; this information is displayed in interactive graphs and charts.

Easy Marketing

Create a targeted email campaign and aim for a specific segment of your customers. Want to target those one-time visitors or reward your loyal customers? Use our custom filters to generate the perfect tailored campaign.

Plug & Play

Do you already have a existing access points?

Our powerful Hive box, will connect to your existing access points. Turn your standard Wi-Fi into Hive WiFi.

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